Whole Community Catechesis

What is WCC?

WCC is Whole Community Catechesis. It is intergenerational learning & community building for EVERYONE in the parish. Events are designed for ages 5 years and up.

Who’s invited?

EVERYONE! WCC is a WHOLE PARISH event designed for EVERY parishioner: seniors, children, teens, young adults, couples, families, singles, empty-nesters.

EVERYONE is welcome!

What will we do?

Here’s a sample schedule for Sunday mornings.

9:40 – meet in the church for worship & praise music, refreshments and an overview of the day’s topic

10:00 – break up into groups for families, adults, teens. Folks in these groups will do a variety of activities and some additional catechesis. We even have a Veggie Tales group for younger children.

10:45 – come back to the Gathering Space for a closing prayer service and announcements.


When will WCC take place?

September 14

October 5

November 2

December 7

January 3

February 7

What will we learn?

This year each WCC event will focus on the Jubilee of Mercy set by Pope Francis. We will reflect on the theme and then come together to share what we’ve learned.

The theme for 2015/2016 is the forms of Mercy

Is there a fee?

Donation baskets will be available and you’re encouraged to help defray costs for food and materials.

How do I sign up?

There’s no need to sign up ahead of time. Just join us on Sunday mornings.

What about Religious Ed?

This year our Religious Ed program and Sacramental Prep programs will be part of WCC. Families will register for Religious Ed and there will usually be one WCC session each month and two grade level religious Ed session each month. A calendar of all the events is available.

Families with children in First Eucharist will also have three Saturday morning retreats for parents and children. Parent meetings will help to better explain the expectations.