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We, the people of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, in the spirit of faith, service and community, strive to bring people closer together and closer to God, to know our faith, to live by truth and love, to serve the needs of others, to teach by example, and thereby, unify, strengthen and inspire our diverse parish family.

Beginning April 4th, Saturday 3:30-4:30pm CONFESSIONS will be done ONLY by appointment to observe the distancing and the number requirements of the State. Confession Rooms have been arranged at the Family (Cry) Room in church and at the Saint Max Coffee Shop. Please use hand sanitizer before entering the assigned places for confession.

To make an appointment, email stmarysoffic[email protected]  or call 541-926-1449. 

For sacramental confession in cases where a priest is not available or a penitent for reasons of illness, hospital restrictions, or other serious considerations cannot go to confession, the Office of Divine Worship has prepared a beautiful card with information for those who may not be able to get to Confession:  To see this card, please click HERE:


Confesiones en Sabados, 3:30-4:30pm: En cumplimiento de los requerimientos de numero y distancia entre las personas, las confesiones serán UNICAMENTE por medio de cita.  Por favor hacer uso del desinfectante antes de ingresar a los lugares asignados para las confesiones.

Para hacer una cita contáctese al email:  [email protected]  o llamar al  541-926-1449.

En caso de que el sacerdote no este disponible, o por motivos que impidan a la persona acudir a la confesión, la Arquidiócesis ha preparado un comunicado el cual explica lo que se puede hacer en estos casos. Por favor revise el comunicado cuidadosamente.

Beloved Parishioners,

Thank you for the outpouring of ideas and resources to share with one another during this stressful time.  It does my heart good to see the Lord working through all of you.  Continue to pray with me that the Corona virus will be remedied soon, and for the safety of all while it lasts.  Please be assured of my prayers for all of you.

As you are aware, Archbishop Sample has been weighing options each step of the way, working with other parish representatives and factoring in the Governor’s decisions.  The archdiocese has a website where you can find the latest decisions, as do we.  We also post notices in FaceBook, via email blasts and short notes on Twitter.  Not all of our parishioners have e-access, so this letter is to give an update to everyone we have on our mailing list.  More frequent updates will still be sent via the various electronic methods.

Update as of 3/27/2020:

With a saddened heart, we announce that all Masses, along with all other events and activities at the parish, are cancelled for the next four weeks.  We as a parish are completely saddened by this news, since this time of “quarantine” includes Holy Week and Easter.

We as a parish are following the guidelines below out of an abundance of concern for the health and well-being of the people of God entrusted to our pastoral care. We appreciate your prayers and patience.

  • All meetings, masses, confessions and parish activities are cancelled until April 14
  • RCIA and all other sacraments will be postponed until further notice. However, if you have an emergency, such as a death or an immediate need for an anointing, the staff will be taking calls during business hours (541-926-1449), and the emergency number is still active for after hours (541-619-2267).
  • While the office is closed, we are still monitoring calls and emails and will reply as soon as possible.
  • Holy week will be celebrated via live-stream by the Archbishop.
  • The Adoration Chapel is available for prayer. Don’t come in if you are unwell. Our Maintenance staff will be cleaning it thoroughly and regularly. If you are unable to enter the chapel on your own, you can call the office and we will arrange assistance at the earliest convenience.  Please, remember to sit with plenty of space between visitors.  Do not let anyone else in as we need to ensure access is governed through the office.  Thank you.
  • Holy Communion to the homebound and all facilities is suspended due to the health risks for some of our most vulnerable parishioners.
  • We will continue maintaining the church and ensuring the cleanliness of the church and Parish Center.
  • Ideas of how to help each other are being evaluated for what we can implement. Stay in touch to see what develops.
  • The Soup Kitchen is closed to people entering to eat, but food is still being handed out in the back parking lot at the usual days/times.  If you would like to donate juice pouches, like Capri Sun, they would be gratefully received.  Call ahead to schedule the drop-off.
  • While you may not be able to go into a church for mass right now, you are still encouraged to “attend” mass by watching it on TV, online, on your phone, or you can go through the liturgy of the hours, the Magnificat, Read the bible, do the Stations of the Cross, say a rosary, and in many other ways unite yourself to the Church and God during the time when you would normally attend mass, class, a bible study or prayer group here at the parish.

Additional resources are listed below for those who can access online resources.  Again, thank you to all who have shared links with us.

In Christ,
Fr. Edwin Sanchez


Solemnity of the Annunciation

Archbishop will join Pope Francis’s Ecumenical call for worldwide praying of the “Our Father” by all Christians. Archbishop will then lead the Rosary for the Solemnity of the Annunciation.

Wednesday, March 25
Live at 12 p.m. (PT)

Pope to Lead Prayer Service

Our Holy Father will broadcast a prayer service at the Vatican and offer the “Urbi et Orbi” Blessing.

Friday, March 27
Live at 10 a.m. (PT)

Evening Prayer
Archbishop will lead evening prayer and offer a special message from his personal chapel.

Friday, March 27
Live at 6 p.m. (PT)

Watching Mass:
Archbishop Sample invites you to Mass at https://www.facebook.com/archdpdx/

EWTN (both on TV and online – https://www.ewtn.com/)
St. Cecilia in Beaverton (FB)
St. Joseph in Salem (YouTube)
Bishop Barron (online – https://www.wordonfire.org/daily-mass/)


Stations of the Cross  video   printable or, EWTN has stations at 11:30am

Magnificat (free online or download the app) 

Bringing the Grotto to you daily

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Other Resources:

Click here to get FORMED free for 40 days.  Catholic Netflix with movies, bible studies, ebooks and more.

Resources for Prayer and Engagement during Coronavirus  

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Querida comunidad parroquial,

Continuemos orando juntos para que esta terrible situación que el mundo esta viviendo pueda terminar pronto.Confiemos en la voluntad de Dios y en su poder sanador.

De igual manera  quiero que sepan que todos ustedes están presente en mis oraciones.

El ultimo comunicado enviado desde la Arquidiócesis el Lunes 16 de Marzo nos hace entender que no habrá ningún tipo de celebración Eucarística o reuniones que impliquen grupos de personas hasta Abril 14, 2020.

Como parroquia nos sentimos desalentados por esta decisión ya que este tiempo que se nos pide como cuarentena, abarca también el tiempo en el que la semana santa se celebraría en este anio. Es por eso, que se nos ha pedido como sacerdotes, darle a entender a nuestros parroquianos que quedan todos dispensados por parte del Señor Arzobispo de no participar en las misas de Domingo y las celebraciones de Semana Santa.

De la misma manera la Arquidiócesis nos ha brindado una serie de opciones que aunque no son las mas anheladas, si podemos hacer uso de ellas para no dejar que el crecimiento de nuestra fe se detenga.

Primero que todo pido que usen ahora más que nunca nuestra pagina de Facebook y nuestro sitio web para que estén en constante comunicación con nosotros y nosotros con ustedes. En estos sitios encontraran las ultimas noticias de nuestra parroquia, como también de la Arquidiócesis. En estas paginas también podrán conectarse por medio de enlaces a parroquias que nos brindan la Santa Misa diariamente, así mismo como la transmisión de las Celebraciones de Semana Santa por parte de nuestro Arzobispo.

Así mismo en esta carta quiero informar acerca de las desiciones que en base a la decisión del Arzobispo, hemos tomado para el proteger el bienestar de nuestra comunidad parroquial. Espero que nos entiendan oren y sean pacientes con nosotros los sacerdotes de su parroquia.

Desiciones tomadas en base a la cuarentena que se nos ha pedido en todas las parroquias de la Arquidiócesis de Portland:

  1. Todas las misas, reuniones y confesiones se cancelan hasta Abril 14 2020. Queda prohibido que grupos parroquiales se reunían en casas.
  2. Todos los sacramentos de Bautismos, confirmaciones, matrimonios, incluidos los del RCIA -Sacramentos de iniciación para adultos quedan suspendidos hasta nueva orden.
  3. La oficina permanecerá cerrada al publico hasta nueva orden, sin embargo habrán empleados recibiendo sus llamadas y correos electrónicos para inquietudes- preguntas.   Numero de teléfono de la parroquia: 5412231866.      Correo electrónico: [email protected]
  4. Se recomienda vivir espiritualmente las Misas de Domingo y las de Semana Santa por Television o internet.
  5. La capilla de adoración al Santísimo permanecerá abierta. Se recomienda estrictamente que no hayan mas de 5 personas dentro de la capilla. Cada persona debe mantenerse distanciada de las otras personas dentro de la capilla. Si la capilla esta muy llena por favor abstengas de entrar.
  6. Llevar comunión a los enfermos queda suspendido hasta nueva orden.

Les pedimos encarecidamente que cuiden se su salud, y que seamos obedientes a las recomendaciones. Unamonos en una cadena de oración y pidamos al Dios del cielo que nos ayude siempre.

En Cristo Jesus,
Padre Edwin L.Sanchez

Enlace en Español para la Santa Misa:

Enlace en Ingles para la Santa misa, presidida por nuestro Arzobispo
Archbishop Sample invites you to Mass ahttps://www.facebook.com/archdpdx/

Otros enlaces para la Santa Misa
EWTN (both on TV and online – https://www.ewtn.com/)
St. Cecilia in Beaverton (FB)
St. Joseph in Salem (YouTube)
Bishop Barron (online – https://www.wordonfire.org/daily-mass/)


from the Office of Divine Worship
Liturgical Celebrations and Public Health Concerns
In summary…
Further to a recent memo to all the bishops of the United States from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) entitled ‘Liturgical Celebrations and Public Health Concerns’ and after consulting with the Archbishop, the Office of Divine Worship now recommends that all parishes cease the distribution of the Precious Blood for the time being and that the Sign of Peace be eliminated or done without the chance of physical contact.
Please read the full memo:


En resumen…
Además de una nota reciente para todos los obispos de los Estados Unidos de la Conferencia de los Obispos Católicos de los Estados Unidos (USCCB) titulada ‘Celebraciones Litúrgicas y Preocupaciones de Salud Pública’ y después de consultar con el Arzobispo, la Oficina de Culto Divino ahora recomienda que todas las parroquias cesen la distribución de la Preciosa Sangre del cáliz por el momento y que el Signo de la Paz sea eliminado o hecho sin la posibilidad de contacto físico.
Favor de leer el memo completo:


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