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  • Albany, Oregon

Anointing of the Sick

The Anointing of the Sick is a sacrament of healing.  It gives a person the grace to face an illness or even death.

The Sacrament is normally given to Catholic persons who are very ill or approaching death; or to those Catholics who are approaching a serious surgery. A non-catholic can be prayed for, but not anointed. The person who needs the anointing may call for his/herself, or a friend or family member – at the person’s request – should call the parish office at 541-926-1449 or email us at olphoffice@stmarysalbany.com to make an appointment for an anointing.

It is nice to be able to gather family and friends together to celebrate the anointing of the sick.

We encourage you not to wait till death is imminent before calling. However, if there is a need for an emergency anointing, you can call our office, 541-926-1449. If it is during office hours, we will take the information and let Father know. If it is outside of office hours, the directions on the phone will tell you to press 1 to be connected directly to the emergency number. Thank you.