Church Art

This statue of Our Lady was created by Jim Gion, of Portland. This is the Mary of Pentecost – the Mother of the Church. She is standing on the porch, welcoming each of us as we come to worship her Son!

This is a view of the interior of the church. You can see the sculpture of the Ascending Christ on the back wall. On either side are the banners for Ordinary time designed by Rella Avery of Salem. The wood encased steel beams give the church building its height.

This is the Paschal (Easter) candle. The holder was designed by John Richen of Oregon. John also designed the Ascending Christ on the wall behind the altar.

The church tabernacle was destroyed in the fire of 1989. When the church was rebuilt, we originally used a tabernacle from the Benedictine Sisters. Finally, Father Betts commissioned Dave Richen, a liturgical architect to design the tabernacle. Father inspired Dave’s design which resembles the bell tower on the church. Robert Tuss, a Woodburn area metal artist, actually made the tabernacle. Robert also made our processional cross and the altar in the chapel. His father helped him with the woodwork.