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Communications and Technology Ministry


The objective of the Ministry of Communications and Technology is to continue the work evangelizing our community through electronic and audiovisual media, in accordance with Pope Francis’ desires, as expressed in his speech in September of 2013 addressed to the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications: It is, said the Holy Father, “a challenge”, making “discover, also through the social media, in addition to personal encounters, the beauty of everything which constitutes the foundation of our journey and of our life, the beauty of faith, beauty of the encounter with Christ “.

The Ministry of Communications and Technology is a ministry at the service of the other ministries and assemblies in our Community, serving them as their voice to the world. The ministry handles graphic, written, audiovisual, and electronic communication for our community, with the help of the service of several brothers and sisters who are in charge of writing, design, photography, video/audio recording, under the holy teaching of our Catholic Church.


  • Web and Social Media
    • The first focus of the ministry is maintaining and updating the Parish website, as well as the different Social Media accounts the Parish holds, such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Parish Bulletin
    • The Parish bulletin constitutes a part of the ministry. The bulletin’s regular publication informs and aids the entire community of God. The Parish bulletin is published weekly, and the Happenings Bulletin is published on a trimester schedule.
  • Photography, Livestreams, and Video Recording
    • The ministry is also in charge of photographing parish events, as well as streaming and recording liturgical events/ceremonies and other parish events.

Prayer to Carlo Acutis, Patron Saint of the Internet and Technoloy

O God, our Father,
Thank you for giving us Carlo,
model of life for young people,
and a message of love for all.
You made him fall in love
with your Son, Jesus,
making of the Eucharist
his “highway to Heaven”.
You gave him Mary,
as beloved Mother,
and with the Rosary you made him
sing the praises of her tenderness.
Accept his prayer for us.
Attend especially to the poor,
whom he loved and helped.
Through his intercession,
through his intercession,
may I receive the grace I need…
And fulfil our joy,
by placing Carlo among the blessed
of your Holy Church,
that his smile may shine again for us
for the glory of your name.


Pater, Ave, Gloria.