Youth Confirmation

Youth may start preparation for Confirmation at age 15 or 16.  They will be part of the Youth Group.  Classes begin with the school year and go through April or May when the actual Confirmation event takes place.  For questions, please contact the office at 541-926-1449.





Adult Confirmation

If you are a Catholic adult who

  • Is post high school
  • Has made First Communion
  • And would like to be confirmed

Please consider joining us for adult confirmation classes.


Sessions usually begin in Winter. The Confirmation ceremony will happen in Spring. Please watch the bulletin for updated information.
Contact Ace Tupasi with any questions at 541-926-1449.

YOUTH Confirmation Meetings (for topics NOT mass dates)


We didn’t have time to finish our meetings before COVID so these are for the last two meetings before they will be able to receive the sacrament.

Parents, please select any dates that you are available. We will select dates based on the availability of everyone. Sponsors and youth are required to attend these last two meetings.

Due to COVID, we will divide into two groups of youth and sponsors (but each group is required to attend two meetings).


Please go to the following link and select all the days possible for your youth to attend the meetings: