First Eucharist

Children normally receive First Eucharist during their second grade year. The children are first prepared for Reconciliation (usually September – December) and then prepared for First Eucharist (January – April or May).

Preparation for First Eucharist is a parish program. At St. Mary’s it consists of two components.

The first component is the grade level sessions. The children attend classes with other children their age. These classes take place during the Religious Ed sessions.

The second component is the family retreats. These usually take place on Saturday mornings from 10 – noon.

Older children who have not yet been prepared for First Eucharist follow a similar process.

If you have questions about First Eucharist preparation for children 2nd – 6th grade, please contact Suzanne Duda, 541-926-1449  or [email protected]

If you have questions about First Eucharist preparation for youth 7th – 12th grade, please contact Cherrie Barnes, 541-926-1449  or [email protected]

There are also classes available in Spanish with similar requirements. Please contact the office for more information.


Adults who have not yet received First Eucharist, usually take part in the RCIA process. If you have questions, please call Ace at 541-926-1449  or email: [email protected]