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Strengthen Your Marriage

A good marriage is hard work. You need to keep working at it. Let us help you! There are many ways to work on your marriage. Here are some to get you started:

Marriage in Christ

Welcome to Praying with the Bible as a couple: Marriage in the Bible, a new series provided by Marriage in Christ. This is not a search for every time the word marriage or family is used in the Bible. Like all our Scripture offerings, the Marriage in the Bible reflections are designed to help you sustain habits of praying each day with your spouse.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Every relationship is a journey, and the grind of everyday life can cause you to lose touch with your spouse. If you have a “normal” marriage, you know that the “honeymoon” doesn’t last forever. Long-term relationships inevitably have moments of disillusionment, boredom, or isolation. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story! Make the time to come closer together and learn the tools to keep nurturing your love.

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Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vi with a long i) is a program for married couples facing difficult challenges in their relationship, such as pornography, infidelity,  isolation, addiction, and loneliness. This is a peer ministry of volunteer couples that can help you learn the tools of healthy communication, build intimacy and heal, just as they have done in their own marriages. Retrouvaille is Christian-based, and Catholic in origin, but welcomes couples of all faiths as well as non-religious couples.  We can help get your relationship back on track.  For more information about an upcoming Retrouvaille Weekend program for couples, contact registration team call 503-225-9191 or email: portland@retrouvaille.org or visit the website:  HelpOurMarriage.org

¿Se siente sola o solo? ¿Están frustrados o enojados entre los dos? ¿Hablar de eso lo hace más difícil la situacion? Retrouvaille (se pronuncia retro vay) ayuda a las en los momentos difíciles de su matrimonio. Retrovaille es para las parejas que desean tener un redescubrimiento en su matrimonio y mejorar su comunicación. Puede visitor  www.retrouvaille.com para conocer testimonios. Para información confidencial llame al 1-800-966-7981 o visite el sitio  www.retrouvaille.com


Advent for Married Couples

Advent and the Christmas season present one of the most important chapters in the story of God’s good creation, his great love for us, and his rescue of humanity. Moreover, it is an ongoing story, and we have a place in it. It is our story! We offer these daily Scriptures and meditations as a way to help busy couples to stay connected during the hectic Advent season.

Conversation Starters and Loving Actions

Conversation Starters and Loving Actions 
How do you stand vigilant so that your heart does not become drowsy? 
What is your favorite Christmas carol? 
Describe a dinner party where a wolf is the guest of a lamb. 
What is a favorite food that is a part of your Christmas traditions? 
How have you seen God’s protection this year? 
How do you prepare the way for Jesus? 
How has your spouse helped you to open your eyes to see the Lord? 
What would it be like to travel only by observing the stars?
Go caroling together. 
Make a gingerbread house together. 
Try wassail or another Christmas beverage. 
Watch a classic Christmas movie together. 
Wear matching Christmas socks to a party. 
Go for a drive together to look at Christmas light displays. 
Go to a live nativity scene. 
Hide love notes in unsuspecting locations for your spouse to find.