Cmty boda Oct 2017

In the Catholic Church, marriage is a sacrament. Because of that, we have certain traditions and guidelines which surround the wedding ceremony. This article will introduce you to some of these and also tell you how to get more information.

First thing to note:
Weddings must be planned at least 6-9 months in advance. There is preparation to go through prior to being married in the Church.

Who can get married at Our Lady of Perpetual Help?
First, one or both the bride or groom-to-be should be Catholic. Additionally, either the bride or groom-to-be (or their family) should be registered, practicing members of Our Lady of Perpetual Help for at least six months prior to beginning marriage preparation with the church.
Also, couples need to be “free to marry” in the Catholic Church. If either the bride or groom-to-be has been married before, an annulment through the Church would need to be granted. This applies even if the person who was married before is not Catholic. No wedding date can be finalized until the annulment is completed, and all paperwork and preparation has been completed.

What steps should I take to be married at Our Lady of Perpetual Help?
Contact Ace Tupasi at the parish office for more questions or to get things started: 541-926-1449