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Parish Activity Proposal

Have an idea for a parish activity?

We welcome ideas for parish activities your Small Group may wish to host. Food, Crafts, Music, Kid focused, Senior focused, Parents Night Out, Retreat, Workshop… So many possibilities!

Parish ministries and groups must submit the following form whenever they would like to host an event. Please make sure to fill out both pages, and leave the small section titled ‘This section is for Office use only’, blank. Once the form has been filled out completely, please return the form to the parish office. Thank you!

Los ministerios y grupos parroquiales deben someter el siguiente formulario cada vez que deseen organizar un evento. Asegúrese de completar ambas páginas y deje en blanco la pequeña sección titulada ‘Esta sección es para uso de la Oficina’. Una vez que haya completado el formulario, devuélvalo a la oficina parroquial. ¡Gracias!

Form (English)

Formulario (Español)