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Parish Announcements

Apostoles del Oratoris de Nuestra Señora de Fátima

Se les invita a participar en la devoción bilingüe del Primer Sábado del Mes el día sábado, 2 de julio, comenzando  9am con meditación en misterios del rosario, confesiones, rezo del santo rosario, seguido de la misa 10am con unción de los enfermos. Esto es para realizar el pedido de Nuestra Señora de Fátima.

Apostolate of the Oratory of Our Lady of Fatima

You’re invited to attend the bilingual First Saturday devotion on Saturday, July 2nd, starting at 9am with meditation on mysteries of the rosary, confessions, prayer of the holy rosary, followed by 10am mass with anointing of the sick. This is in response to Our Lady of Fatima’s request.

Clase de Bautismo el 30 de Julio a las 4pm.

No necesita registrarse antes de venir, solo firme la forma arriba. Venga a la oficina de la paroquia que está en la esquina 9th y Broadalbin. Su donación es de $20 por los dos padres y $20 por los dos padrinos.

The next English Baptism Class will be July 7th at 6pm.

Remember to sign up at least a week in advance. To register, call 541-926-1449.

Congratulations, Father Busse!

Click the image above for the full brochure

Fr. Maro will take a group on pilgrimage to the Holy Lands January 30-February 13th. Anyone who is interested should get a brochure, or look below for the online method of registering for the tour. Below is also the email you can use for any questions you may have. Finally, you can see the projected itinerary listed day-by-day. This is one of those bucket-list trips, folks! Join us!


We have a new parish directory which is online for easy access from anywhere you are, and you can update your own information any time you wish. No more worrying about calling the office to let us know you no longer use your old landline. Just go in, update it and ba-da-bing! You’re updated.

To join this directory, you must be a Registered Parishioner. You can only gain access to it by coming to the office to submit your request in person. It is NOT accessible on our website. It is App access only.

Bring your phone, tablet or laptop and have a photo chosen for the directory. We’ll help you through it all.

This directory comes with options: 1) you can be in it full tilt, 2) you can be selective what information you choose to share, including whether you have a photo or not, 3) you do not have to be in the directory at all (but then you won’t receive access to it).

Photo criteria: You do not have to include a picture, but if you do, it Must be you, not celebrities, cartoons, objects; You can include your pets in the picture, but it cannot ONLY be the pets; if parents want the photo to be just the adults in the family, that is an option.

Printed copies can be obtained for an at-will donation. ONLY Registered Parishioners will receive a copy from us, and they must themselves be in the directory. Parishioners who receive a printed directory are asked to keep it, not share it, copy it for nor give it to anyone else, no matter how good your intentions.

Any questions – feel free to call the office during office hours.

Formed – We did it! We can keep it going!

What is FORMED? It’s like a Catholic Netflix, but even better! It has movies, audios, e-books, study programs, faith formation… It’s for all ages AND it has Spanish content, too! You are welcome to join us at any time.

You are welcome to join us at any time. The account cycles in March. We hope it will continue past that, but in the meantime – Enjoy! If anyone has it on their heart to contribute to sustaining our parish membership, we would greatly appreciate it. You can drop it in the collection plate, the mail or by the office. Just be sure to identify the purpose of the donation as being for our FORMED parish membership. Thank you! Thank you!

Go to formed.org/signup and enter 97321 to find our parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Enter your full name then your email and click the button to continue.

Next you will need to go into your email to open the link they send you. It will open the program on your computer and you can explore to your hearts content.

For an app for your phone or other devices, go to the applicable store (Play Store or Apple Store), search for the formed.org app (a free app) NOT formedapp (this one charges).

After uploading/installing, you will sign in with your email, open your email and click the link to open the program on your device.

Quarterly Finance Report

Click here to see the report: Q3 Financial Report, Informe-Financiero

Click here to see instructions on how to join the online giving: Online Giving Instructions 2021

Remember, you set the parameters and can go in and make changes any time you want.