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Parish Announcements

Lenten Penance Services in Our Area

  • St Mary, Corvallis 3/16 @ 7pm
  • St Patrick, Independence 3/21 @ 7pm
  • OLPH, St Mary’s, Albany 3/23 @ 7pm
  • Sacred Heart, Newport 3/30 @ 7pm

Stations of the Cross – Fridays

2/24 – 3/31: 5:00pm English Stations, 5:30pm Soup Supper & 7:00pm Spanish Stations

NO GROUP THIS SUNDAY (3/19) – Retreat weekend for Confirmation students

Youth Group – Invite your friends!

Meetings are the 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month at 6pm in the Youth Loft.

Catholic Relief Services

The 2nd collection is next week. CRS helps after natural disasters, refugees, immigrants and more. They help here in the US and around the World. Envelopes will be available in the entry of our parish, or the parish office. Thank you.

There will be a funeral Mass for Rafael Mora on March 20th. The Mass will be at 12:00pm. All are welcome to attend the service.

We are looking to collect unopened packages of store-bought, individually wrapped, small candies for the Easter eggs. NO EGGS are needed! Just the candy. There are collection boxes at the entry ways. On behalf of the children, Thank you!


Blanchett is doing their shoe battle for the year. Please donate new or very gently used shoes. They are looking for all sizes of Tennis shoes, Boots, Baby shoes, Cleats or other Sport shoes, Shoe laces and Socks.

There are collection bins in the entry ways and in the office. Thank you for helping collect shoes for Blanchett.


With Easter, First Communion and Confirmation coming up, it’s time to consider gifts from the CDA gift shop.  They have items like Saints cards, rosaries, crucifixes, books, statues, and more!  They may even have First Communion dresses.  What they don’t have, they can probably order.  If you need something ordered, please contact Dorothy Gall at 541-619-1255.


There is a new program “Salvation: New life in Christ” ready to start on April 10th and runs 10 sessions. Meetings are 6:30-8pm, 2nd floor near the stairs and elevator. Register ahead so study material can be ordered. Contact Stuart Conser at 541-619-8101 or stuartconser@gmail.com. See the bulletin or talk to Stuart for more information on the program.

Clase de Bautismo el 25 de Marzo a las 4pm.

No necesita registrarse antes de venir, solo firme la forma arriba. Venga a la oficina de la parroquia que está en la esquina 9th y Broadalbin. Su donación es de $20 por los dos padres y $20 por los dos padrinos.

The next English Baptism Class will be in April 6th, 2023.

Remember to sign up at least a week in advance. To register, call 541-926-1449.

Apostoles del Oratoris de Nuestra Señora de Fátima

Se les invita a participar en la devoción bilingüe del Primer Sábado del Mes, comenzando  9am con meditación en misterios del rosario, confesiones, rezo del santo rosario, seguido de la misa 10am con unción de los enfermos. Esto es para realizar el pedido de Nuestra Señora de Fátima.

Apostolate of the Oratory of Our Lady of Fatima

You’re invited to attend the bilingual First Saturday devotion starting at 9am with meditation on mysteries of the rosary, confessions, prayer of the holy rosary, followed by 10am mass with anointing of the sick. This is in response to Our Lady of Fatima’s request.

Parish Museum

Come to the Guadalupe House (the green one nearest the church) and see our history! Chalices, furniture, photos and more from days past. Volunteers have given us lots of their time to organize this for us. At-will donations would be gratefully accepted to help with the up-keep.

The museum will be open one hour after each morning Mass on Sundays and after the Noon Mass on Tuesdays between 2/26-3/28.

Click here for the pdf with January information on what to start planning for your garden, now to prep the seeds, etc.

Keep your eyes on this section for periodic updates and watch the bulletin for when the seeds arrive at the parish for you to select from. If you prefer, you can sign yourself up and choose your own seeds. The link for that is also in the attachment.

Hot Topics on FORMED

You know how a friend, co-worker or family member may ask you about what or why the Catholic Church teaches? Even a cradle-born Catholic can use help answering those questions. FORMED (like a Catholic Netflix, but with more types of media) has many of those answers. Below are examples of a series of talks that can answer questions on being Pro-life. There are many more topics that can be addressed in FORMED. See below for how to get registered, then – Have at it! It’s free to you if you upload the right app for your devices. You can also view it on your computer. Need help? Call and ask Teresa for help.

Already signed up and want to see any or all of the following examples? Just click on them. They are linked directly to FORMED.


We have low gluten hosts for those who need them. Please be aware this is NOT completely gluten free, just lower than the regular hosts.

If you need to take a low gluten host, please arrive early and let the Sacristan know so they have them available. When it is time for communion, go up to Father’s line and let him know you need the low gluten host. He will give you the body of Christ accordingly.

Directory – New Members, Join the Online Directory!

We have a parish directory which is online for easy access from anywhere you are, and you can update your own information any time you wish. Just go in, update it and ba-da-bing! Uh, but don’t forget to tell the office, too.

To join this directory, you must be a Registered Parishioner. You can only gain access to it by coming to the office to submit your request in person. It is NOT accessible on our website. It is App access only.

Bring your phone, tablet or laptop and have a photo chosen for the directory. We’ll help you through it all.

This directory comes with options: 1) you can be in it full tilt, 2) you can be selective what information you choose to share, including whether you have a photo or not, 3) you do not have to be in the directory at all (but then you won’t receive access to it).

Photo criteria: You do not have to include a picture, but if you do, it Must be you, not celebrities, cartoons, objects; You can include your pets in the picture, but it cannot ONLY be the pets; if parents want the photo to be just the adults in the family, that is an option.

Printed copies can be obtained for an at-will donation. ONLY Registered Parishioners will receive a copy from us, and they must themselves be in the directory. Parishioners who receive a printed directory are asked to keep it, not share it, copy it for nor give it to anyone else, no matter how good your intentions.

Any questions – feel free to call the office during office hours.

Formed – New members of the parish, JOIN IN!

What is FORMED? It’s like a Catholic Netflix, but even better! It has movies, audios, e-books, study programs, faith formation… It’s for all ages AND it has Spanish content, too! You are welcome to join us at any time.

You are welcome to join us at any time. The account cycles in March. We hope it will continue past that, but in the meantime – Enjoy! If anyone has it on their heart to contribute to sustaining our parish membership, we would greatly appreciate it. You can drop it in the collection plate, the mail or by the office. Just be sure to identify the purpose of the donation as being for our FORMED parish membership. Thank you! Thank you!

Go to formed.org/signup and enter 97321 to find our parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Enter your full name then your email and click the button to continue.

Next you will need to go into your email to open the link they send you. It will open the program on your computer and you can explore to your hearts content.

For an app for your phone or other devices, go to the applicable store (Play Store or Apple Store), search for the formed.org app (a free app) NOT formedapp (this one charges).

After uploading/installing, you will sign in with your email, open your email and click the link to open the program on your device.

Mass Intentions – Update

We had so many requests for Mass intentions last year that there were no more Masses left well before the end of the year. The staff and volunteers who handle the Mass intentions are aware of how disappointed people have been when they call or stop by to request a Mass intention only to find they have been booked out months in advance. So, we are changing how we will do Mass intentions.

We have opened next year’s Masses for intentions. Masses will only be open 3 months at a time. There will be a limit of 3 Masses per person (person requesting or person being prayed for). No Masses will be booked by calling us. You may come by the office or mail in the request along with the suggested donation of $10 per Mass. Only one name per Mass. (ex: Patrick Jackson or the family of Earl Jackson). It is still first-come-first-served.


  • add names to the prayer corner in the bulletin (please clear this with the person whose name you will add first)
  • add to the prayer chain (again, clear this with the person whose name or intention is to be prayed for before adding them)
  • add a memorial candle in the church or the chapel. Stop by the office to reserve a candle for a month, 6-months or a year ($30, $60, $90 respectively)