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Parish Announcements

Stations of the Cross

Fridays from 2/16 thru 3/22

English Stations are at 5:30PM

Little Supper (soup, salad, bread) is 6-7pm

Spanish Stations are at 7:00pm

infant being baptized

Clase de Bautismo el 24 de Febrero a las 4pm.

No necesita registrarse antes de venir, solo firme la forma arriba. Venga a la oficina de la parroquia que está en la esquina 9th y Broadalbin. Su donación es de $20 por los dos padres y $20 por los dos padrinos.

No habrá una platica en Marzo.

The next English Baptism Class will be on March 10, 2024, at 11:30AM.

Remember to sign up at least a week in advance. To register, call 541-926-1449.

Apostoles del Oratoris de Nuestra Señora de Fátima

Se les invita a participar en la devoción bilingüe del Primer Sábado del Mes, comenzando  9am con meditación en misterios del rosario, confesiones, rezo del santo rosario, seguido de la misa 10am con unción de los enfermos. Esto es para realizar el pedido de Nuestra Señora de Fátima.

Apostolate of the Oratory of Our Lady of Fatima

You’re invited to attend the bilingual First Saturday devotion starting at 9am with meditation on mysteries of the rosary, confessions, prayer of the holy rosary, followed by 10am mass with anointing of the sick. This is in response to Our Lady of Fatima’s request.

Vigil Mass: 5 PM – English                       Misa De Vigilia: 7 PM – Español

Mass of the day/ Misa del Dia (March 24, 2024)

08:30 AM – English              10:30 AM – English         12:30 PM – Español

Chrism Mass @ 7 PM

St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

1716 NW Davis St. Portland OR 97209

Reflection on The 7 Last Words of Jesus @ 6 PM

Masses:  8:30 AM – English 7 PM Español

Holy Thursday/Jueves Santo (March 28, 2024)

The Lord’s Supper and washing of the feet @ 7 PM

Altar of Repose in the gathering space until midnight

Stations of the cross @ 12 noon

The Passion of the Lord @ 6 PM

Pasión del señor @ 8 PM

Procesion del Silencio y Pesame A La Virgen

Liturgy will start @ 8:30 PM

8:30 Am – English 10:30 AM – English 12:30 PM – Español

Hallow Pray40 Challenge

OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP, ST MARY’S ALBANY has partnered with Hallow to encourage all parishioners to surrender and trust in the Lord in a new, deeper way throughout Lent. Hallow is a Catholic prayer and meditation app that helps us strengthen our relationship with God through a habit of daily prayer.

This Lent, as a part of the Hallow Pray40 Challenge, we’ll walk through the life-changing, spiritual classic “He Leadeth Me,” written by Fr. Walter J. Ciszek, S.J. Fr. Walter, a Jesuit priest and missionary, was imprisoned for over twenty years in the Soviet Union, first in solitary confinement and then in a Siberian worker camp. Amidst some of the most brutal conditions imaginable, Fr. Walter underwent a profound spiritual journey. Inspired by Fr. Walter’s writing, we’ll spend time each day prayerfully seeking a refreshed humility and hope in Christ, who laid down His life for us, as we journey through Lent.

You can join via a computer and/or your phone. Depending on how you sign up, you can try the program for free for 30-90 days. However, it is not full access to everything, like our FORMED membership is. You would need to start your own subscription to Hallow to get full access to all of their options.

Formed – New members of the parish, JOIN IN FOR FREE!!

What is FORMED? It’s like a Catholic Netflix, but even better! It has movies, audios, e-books, study programs, faith formation… It’s for all ages AND it has Spanish content, too! You are welcome to join us at any time.

The account cycles in March. We hope it will continue past that, but in the meantime – Enjoy! If anyone has it on their heart to contribute to sustaining our parish membership, we would greatly appreciate it. You can drop it in the collection plate, the mail or by the office. Just be sure to identify the purpose of the donation as being for our FORMED parish membership. Thank you! Thank you!

Go to formed.org/signup and enter 97321 to find our parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Enter your full name then your email and click the button to continue.

Next you will need to go into your email to open the link they send you. It will open the program on your computer and you can explore to your hearts content.

For an app for your phone or other devices, go to the applicable store (Play Store or Apple Store), search for the formed.org app (a free app) NOT formedapp (this one charges).

After uploading/installing, you will sign in with your email, open your email and click the link to open the program on your device. You will have full access to all the movies, audios, study programs, prayers…

Catholic Daughters logo


Not into all the high-tech methods, but still want to dive deeper into a relationship with Christ? Check in at the CDA Gift Shop. They have books, reflections and more, either on hand, or they can be ordered. Plus, plan ahead for Easter basket gifts and gifts for those in your family who will be receiving a sacrament soon.

The CDA gift shop has items like Saints cards, rosaries, crucifixes, books, statues, and more!  What they don’t have, they can probably order.  Most months, the shop is open on the 2nd weekend after all Masses. If you need something ordered, please contact Dorothy Gall at 541-619-1255.

Marriage In Christ Fundraiser

Save the Date!

Dinner & Entertainment

4-6:30pm, Sunday, March 17th

Parishioners Invited …

As you know, running a parish means we need to maintain buildings, grounds and equipment.  Sometimes they are BIG projects, sometimes they are small.  We are inviting you to submit your business cards to the parish office if you wish us to include you in bids for projects as they come up.  You can also send your business info to the business email  olphfinance@stmarysalbany.com

NOTE: This is not for public advertising. It is strictly if you are interested in bidding on parish contracts.

New Members, Join the Online Directory!

We have a parish directory which is online for easy access from anywhere you are, and you can update your own information any time you wish. Just go in, update it and ba-da-bing! Uh, but don’t forget to tell the office, too.

To join this directory, you must be a Registered Parishioner. You can only gain access to it by coming to the office to submit your request in person. It is NOT accessible on our website. It is App access only.

Bring your phone, tablet or laptop and have a photo chosen for the directory. We’ll help you through it all.

This directory comes with options: 1) you can be in it full tilt, 2) you can be selective what information you choose to share, including whether you have a photo or not, 3) you do not have to be in the directory at all (but then you won’t receive access to it).

Photo criteria: You do not have to include a picture, but if you do, it Must be you, not celebrities, cartoons, objects; You can include your pets in the picture, but it cannot ONLY be the pets; if parents want the photo to be just the adults in the family, that is an option.

Printed copies can be obtained for an at-will donation. ONLY Registered Parishioners will receive a copy from us, and they must themselves be in the directory. Parishioners who receive a printed directory are asked to keep it, not share it, copy it for nor give it or it’s contents to anyone else, no matter how good your intentions.

Any questions – feel free to call the office during office hours.

Mass Intentions

Masses for 2024 are now available!

There will be a limit of 3 Masses per person (person requesting or person being prayed for) per quarter. No Masses will be booked by calling us. You may come by the office or mail in the request along with a suggested donation of $10 per Mass. Only one name per Mass. (ex: Patrick Jackson or the Family of Earl Jackson). It is still first-come-first-served.


  • add names to the prayer corner in the bulletin (please clear this with the person whose name you will add first)
  • add to the prayer chain (again, clear this with the person whose name or intention is to be prayed for before adding them)
  • add a memorial candle in the church or the chapel. Stop by the office to reserve a candle for a month, 6-months or a year ($30, $60, $90 respectively)
photograph of wooden interior of old church

Parish Museum

Come to the Guadalupe House (the green one nearest the church) and see our history! Chalices, furniture, photos and more from days past. Volunteers have given us lots of their time to organize this for us. At-will donations would be gratefully accepted to help with the up-keep.


We have low gluten hosts for those who need them. Please be aware this is NOT completely gluten free, just lower than the regular hosts.

If you need to take a low gluten host, please arrive early and let the Sacristan know so they have them available. When it is time for communion, go up to Father’s line and let him know you need the low gluten host. He will give you the body of Christ accordingly.