Continuing April 18th, Saturday 3:30-4:30pm CONFESSIONS will be done ONLY by appointment to observe the distancing and the number requirements of the State. Confession Rooms have been arranged at the Family (Cry) Room in church and at the Saint Max Coffee Shop. Please use hand sanitizer before entering the assigned places for confession.

To make an appointment, email  or call 541-926-1449. 


Confesiones en Sabados, 3:30-4:30pm: En cumplimiento de los requerimientos de numero y distancia entre las personas, las confesiones serán UNICAMENTE por medio de cita.  Por favor hacer uso del desinfectante antes de ingresar a los lugares asignados para las confesiones.

Para hacer una cita contáctese al email:  o llamar al  541-926-1449.

Private Confessions

If you have not been to private confession, you may want to use this as a guide. At the church you will have the option of confessing from behind a screen or sitting in  a chair which faces the priest.  In the office, you will sit facing the priest.

  •  Greet the priest and tell him about how long it has been since your last confession and any other important information, like” this is my first confession” or” I’m joining the church this Easter”, or” I’ve been away from the Church ”
  •  Tell Father one or two of the most significant sins or issues that you are dealing with. You can say something like “I’m really struggling with my temper – it seems I’m yelling at the kids all the time.” Or “I’ve been lying to my parents and sneaking out to do something that they wouldn’t want me to do.”  Penitents who are in the state of mortal sin must confess each mortal sin to the priest.
  • Say you are sorry and ask for God’s forgiveness.
  • The priest may talk with you a little and then he may give you a penance and say the words of absolution. You say “AMEN”.
  • When you have finished, Father will exchange a greeting of peace with you. Father will say “Peace be with you…” You answer, “and also with you” or some similar words.
  • If Father asks you to say an act of contrition, you can say “Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner” or use another act of contrition that you know.

Once you have left the Reconciliation Room find somewhere to sit quietly and complete the penance that the priest has given you.


Catechism of the Catholic Church

For sacramental confession in cases where a priest is not available or a penitent for reasons of illness, hospital restrictions, or other serious considerations cannot go to confession, the Office of Divine Worship has prepared a beautiful card with information for those who may not be able to get to Confession:  To see this card, please click HERE:


En caso de que el sacerdote no este disponible, o por motivos que impidan a la persona acudir a la confesión, la Arquidiócesis ha preparado un comunicado el cual explica lo que se puede hacer en estos casos. Por favor revise el comunicado cuidadosamente.