Staff and Parish Councils


Father Edwin L. Sanchez

Father Leonard Omolo, ALCP

Teresa Middlemiss, Administrative Assistant to the Priests

Glicerey Tupasi, Young Adult & Adult Religious Education Coordinator, Liturgy Coordinator

Nushia Lake, Music Director

Marty Kloeck, Janice Woolsey, Margie Harshberger, Parish Office

Pat Jacobson, Soup Kitchen Director

Mark Krantz, Don Marcum, Les Porter, Custodial Staff

Pastoral Council

Chair:  Stuart Conser

Vice Chair:  Richard Amos

Secretary:  Kathleen Deslman

Fr. Edwin Sanchez

Fr. Leonard Omolo, ALCP

Juan Sauceda

Heather Medina Sauceda

Matt Easdale

Guadalupe Hernandez

Rocio Badger

Jenny Siewell

Joni Siewell

Teresa Middlemiss

Finance Council

Chair:  Cathy Cooper

Vice Chair:  Elaine Kruger-Young

Secretary:  Teresa Middlemiss

Fr. Edwin Sanchez

Fr. Leonard Omolo, ALCP

Joni Siewell

Dave Pautsch

Stuart Conser

Barbara Krochta

Linda Carroll

Ann Peltier

Mike Dulley